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What is Boomi?

Boomi is the University of Tampere Business Students’ organisation, founded in 1968. Boomi is one of the largest student organisations in the University of Tampere with its 800 student members, ranging from first to sixth year in their studies. It is one of the most active student organisations in Finland and definitely the most active one in Tampere. It organises leisure activities for its members and hosts some of the biggest student events of the city: the ’Hämeenkadun Appro’, the biggest one day student event in Finland (about 6000 students from all over Finland), the ’Särkän Märkä’ where student partying meets the rides and the sights of Särkänniemi amusement park, and of course the one and only ’Haalaribileet’, literally translated as Overall parties, eight times a year. as well as numerous ’sitsit’ where people gather to eat, drink and sing with each other. In general, people in Boomi know how to have fun.

You can also do sports, anything from skydiving to downhill skiing and floor ball, or go to an ice hockey match with your new Finnish and foreign friends. All these happenings are worth experiencing!

Boomi has its headquarters, called ’Boomilaakso’, just opposite the lower doors of the Linna Building of the UTA. Boomilaakso, Boomivalley in English (in reference to the infamous Moominvalley of the ’Moomins’ from Finland), is open on weekdays from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Whenever the Boomilaakso is open, there is always a Boomi board member on call to help you.

Boomi is your link to numerous student happenings in Tampere and other Finnish cities. We warmly welcome you to join all activities and meet our students, both Finnish and foreign. We wish you an unforgettable stay here in Tampere, whether it is just for five or six months of Erasmus or even for a lifetime!

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(Kuvaus Boomin toiminnasta, tilat ja niiden säännöt, haalarit, yhteyshenkilöt Boomista)

Contact information

Lili Fán
International Organizer of Boomi
E-mail kv-asiat(a)
Address Pinninkatu 57, 33100 Tampere
Tel. +358 40 041 6387

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